23 people have died so far in the violence in Kenya, what is the Obama connection to the protests?

Thousands of protesters in Kenya have vandalised the parliament. So far 23 people have been reported dead in the violence. Police opened fire on protesters trying to enter Kenya’s assembly, killing at least five protesters, injuring dozens and setting parts of the parliament building on fire. Kenyan activist Auma Obama, half-sister of former US President Barack Obama, was one of the protesters during the demonstration outside the parliament building in Nairobi.

India issued advisory

India has advised its citizens to exercise “extreme caution” after ongoing protests against a tax hike in Kenya turned violent. The Indian Consulate in Kenya issued an advisory saying, “In view of the prevailing tense situation, all Indians in Kenya are advised to exercise extreme caution, restrict non-essential movement and avoid areas affected by protests and violence until the situation clears.”

Why did the situation worsen in Kenya

The protesters have accused President Ruto of betraying the public after becoming president in 2022. The protesters alleged that Ruto had promised to help the poor. He had talked about rejecting the government’s new bill to not increase taxes and reduce the cost of loans. The protesters demanded the withdrawal of the finance bill and warned Ruto’s administration that they would oust him from power. At present, the situation is serious and tense. Arson is also being seen on the streets at many places.

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