5 Gboard tips and tricks that make typing easier, know their use

Gboard – also known as Google Keyboard. It is one of the most popular keyboard apps used by both Android and iOS users. The feature-packed virtual keyboard offers many functionalities that make it easier to type and work. From one-handed mode to sending custom emojis, here are five tips to improve your typing experience on mobile and tablet.

Use one-handed mode

Smartphones have come to a point where you have to hold the device with both hands to send a message. Sometimes, you might be wondering how to make the keyboard smaller so that you can easily type while holding the device in one hand. To enable One-handed mode in Gboard, you just need to long press the comma button, and from the floating menu that appears, swipe left and select the One-handed mode option. Doing this will make the keyboard smaller, making it comfortable to type with one hand. If you want to change the size of one-handed mode and make the Gboard larger or smaller, tap the expand button or tap the arrow buttons to move it to the left or right side of the screen. To go back to normal mode, tap the button with the four arrows and you’re good to go.

Mix and match emojis

Are you unable to find an emoji that suits your text message? Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen can come in handy. This feature combines two emojis to create a new sticker. To use the feature, make sure the Emoji stickers toggle is on in the ‘Emoji, stickers & GIFs’ section in app settings. Now, enter two emojis in whatever app you want to send the text to, and Gboard will create a new sticker that combines both emojis. You can send the newly generated sticker by simply tapping on it.

Use spacebar as cursor

Editing text on a smartphone can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re trying to fix grammatical mistakes. However, Gboard has a great feature that enables users to use the spacebar to move the cursor while typing.

To use it, simply long press the spacebar while typing and swipe left or right to quickly move the cursor to where you want to go. Although this may not be useful for some people, this functionality can come in handy if you are editing long messages or want to move the cursor to a position without tapping the exact location.

Enable floating keyboard

While the split screen and normal keyboard layout are practical, if you’re using a large screen device like a tablet, the typing experience can be quite cumbersome as you have to hold the device in your hands and press on-screen buttons simultaneously .

If you’re like me, tired of holding a huge device to type, be sure to try Gboard’s floating mode. As the name suggests, the floating keyboard can be placed anywhere on the screen and resized as per your preference. ‘To use floating mode, simply tap the leftmost button from the Gboard top row and select the ‘Floating mode’ option. To disable it, follow the same procedure and you are good to go.

Translate messages as you type

Are you trying to send a message to someone who doesn’t understand the language you type or the language you speak? Gboard’s Live Translate feature may be the answer to your troubles. This functionality is just a click away and is one of the easiest ways to translate your text without opening the Google Translate app.

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