A breathtaking cricket match, 1 ball, 1 wicket and 1 run… know what happened next?

A historic match was played between Glamorgan and Gloucestershire in England’s county cricket on Wednesday. The result of this match was very exciting. Actually, in this match, Glamorgan took a wonderful catch of Gloucestershire’s wicketkeeper James Bracey on the last ball and the match was tied. But this match was a breathtaking match.

Because of this catch, Glamorgan missed out on making history. If Glamorgan had chased the target of 593 runs, it would have become the biggest run chase in the history of the County Championship, but the team failed to do so and the match was eventually tied.

Glamorgan got a target of 593 runs

In this match of the County Championship, Glamorgan got a target of 593 runs in the fourth innings to win. But Glamorgan’s team fell short of achieving this target by just 1 run. If Glamorgan’s team had chased these runs, it would have created history, but Gloucestershire wicketkeeper James Bracey played an important role in stopping Glamorgan from creating history. He took a catch on the last ball.

Actually, Glamorgan needed 2 runs in the last over to win this match and Ajit Singh Dale came to bowl this over from Gloucestershire. Ajit Singh bowled economically in this over and the batsman of Glamorgan’s team could score only one run in the first five balls. In such a situation, Glamorgan had only one wicket left on the last ball of the match and the team needed only one run to win. In such a nail-biting match, Ajit Singh Dale got the batsman Jamie McIlroy caught out by wicketkeeper James Bracey on the last ball.

During this, wicketkeeper James Bracey was not even wearing gloves on his hands and despite this, he jumped in the air and caught the ball with one hand and thus the Glamorgan team missed out on making history.

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