A famous and talented teacher of the Vaishnava sect, namely Jagadguru Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji – Maganbhai Patel

Maganbhai Patel, President of Sham Seva Foundation and Saurashtra Patel Seva Samaj, in an address on the occasion of Vallabhacharyaji’s birth anniversary, said that Vallabhacharya was a famous and talented Acharya of the Vaishnav sect. The followers of Pushti Marg know him as Mahaprabhuji and worship him. He was born about 547 years ago on Chaitra Vad Agiaras in Vikram Samvat 1535 (year 1479) in Champarany of Chhattisgarh to a learned Bhardwaj gotra Telang Brahmin Laxman Bhatt. Vallabhacharyaji had studied Vedas, Vedanta, philosophy, sutras, theology, Puranas and history in depth while living in Banaras. He travelled all over India and propagated his religious views. He undertook pilgrimages three times from Rameshwar to Haridwar and from Dwarka to Jagannathpuri and propagated Pushti Marg. During the journey, he recited Bhagwat Katha and Parayan. Today, those places are known as ‘Bethak’ in the country. On this day, various religious programs are organized in various havelis of Ahmedabad city. Thus, there are many havelis in the state and in the country and abroad which are like institutions that preserve Sanatan Dharma and many service activities like schools and cow shelters are continuously working.

Maganbhai Patel further said that Vallabhacharyaji was one of the great Acharyas. With the knowledge of Vallabhacharyaji, many beings have lived their lives by connecting with their original identity. Shri Vallabhacharyaji came to the city of King Krishnadevaraya during pilgrimage. All the pundits there were discussing different topics, then he expressed his views about the greatness and debated with pundits like Gaga Bhatt and Someshwar for several days. All the pundits present there finally accepted the views of Vallabhacharyaji and gave him the title of Acharya. After Vallabhacharyaji, his descendants have continued the work of propagating the principles of Pushti Marg, which includes:-

Pushti Sanskar Sansthan-Kishorchandraji Maharaj-Big Haveli of Junagadh

In his speech about the Pushti Sanskar Sansthan, Maganbhai Patel said that there is an ancient and important Pushti Bhakti Acharyagriha in about 35 to 40 acres in Junagadh, Gujarat, which is called Junagadh’s Badi Haveli. It is worth mentioning here that the inauguration of a unit here was done by Maganbhai Patel and Mrs. Shantaben Maganbhai Patel. About four decades ago, Goswami Kishorchandraji Maharaj was initiated as the Gadipati of Junagadh Badi Haveli, who built many schools and cow shelters here. Purushottamlalji Maharaj and Chandraprabhaji of Junagadh adopted him as their child. Goswami Kishorchandraji Maharaj has started more than 230 Pushti Sanskar Pathshalas across the world. Many Pathshalas are functioning in America, Canada, European countries and India. In which more than 14,000 Vaishnav students receive education based on Hindu culture and Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. He slept on cow dung as a bed all his life. He also did some great works like he built a cowshed and got research done there by IIT Delhi, there are 450 cows there and built cowsheds in many states of the country, so that hundreds of families of the state could drink the milk (amrit) of the native cow. With the inspiration of this organization, today many cowsheds have been established in Gujarat and other states of the country.

Keeping in view this periodic need, PushtiSanskar Vidyapeeth has been established under the Chairmanship of Goswami Piyushkumarji Sir, with the blessings of Goswami Kishorchandraji Maharaj, for simple knowledge of Pushti principles.

The administrative office of this Vidyapeeth, built in 5000 Sq.ft in Thaltej Extension, Ahmedabad was inaugurated by Goswami Piyushkumarji Mahajanshree in the presence of President of Sham Seva Foundation, Maganbhai Patel.

Various courses of the Pushti sect are run by the Pushti Sanskar School, Pushti Sanskar Family, and Pushti Sanskar Vidyapeeth.

With the mission of imparting spiritual power and cultural knowledge, various branches of Pushti Sanskar Pathshala are functioning across the country today, where children are imparted the divine understanding of Vallabhacharyaji. So far, 312 schools have been started in 198 cities of the country, where about 12,566 students have received education so far. Thus, through Pushti Sanskar Vidyapeeth, more than 4500 students have received education in 304 cities of 15 countries of the world.

Vaishnavacharyaji Dwarkeshlalji sir (Kadi-Ahmedabad, Gujarat) :-

Acharya Dwarkeshlalji Mahaprabhuji, the youth inspiration of the Vaishnav society, is the 17th descendant of Mahaprabhuji. After studying Masters in Sanskrit, he is also proficient in Gita, Bhagwat, Upanishad and oratory. Acharya Dwarkeshlalji Mahaprabhuji has established “International Vaishnav Sangh” to organize the entire Vaishnav community. Apart from India, its branches are functioning in many countries of the world. Acharya travels thousands of kilometers every year and propagates Pushti Bhakti by giving the benefit of his divine speech to millions of people. He has established mansions in all the five continents of the world. He is credited with establishing the first mansion named “Vallabhdham (Nairobi)” in the entire African continent. Apart from this, Acharya has also established “Nathdham Haveli” in the state of Maryland, USA. Apart from this, “Vaishnav Sangh Academy” and “Vrajdham” mansion have also been built by Acharya in Florida, USA. Apart from this, “Nathdwara Haveli” has been constructed in Melbourne, Australia, “Vraj Haveli” in Sydney, “Vallabhdham Haveli” in Adelaide. “Vrajdham Haveli” has been constructed in Leicester city of England and “Nathdham” Haveli in London. Thus, along with the construction of havelis in many other cities across India, Acharyashree has also built a special complex called “Bhaktidham” in Bhopal, Ahmedabad. Along with this, “Vidyarthi Adoption Scheme” is also being run on a large scale. “Annadan Yojana” by Acharya is working on a large scale since the Corona period. Acharyashree has gained fame in the country and abroad with his revolutionary ideas.

In the presence of such a brilliant and influential Vaishnavacharya Dwarakeshlalji, a very beautiful and successful Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah was organized in Bopal area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAhmedabad under the chairmanship of Maganbhai Patel, President of Sham Seva Foundation and President of Saurashtra Patel Seva Samaj. Ankurbhai Bhalodia, Manubhai Javia also participated in this Bhagwat Saptah as co-hosts of the Katha. The main objective of this program organized by Saurashtra Kadva Patidar Samaj, Bopal was to build an educational institution where now 5000 acres of land has been acquired and a hostel, Samaj Bhawan is being constructed, in which 200 students can stay. It is necessary to mention here that all the money received from the book during the week was donated to the institution by Dwarakeshlalji. Along with this, the flag of religion was adorned by presenting a cheque of one lakh eleven thousand rupees to the institution. Hon’ble Bhupendrabhai Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat State is also honoured as a trustee in this trust. More than 10,000 prospective devotees got the opportunity to listen to the Katha every day during this seven-day week. More than 50 percent youth also participated in this week.

In his address, the chief host and president of this week, Maganbhai Patel, said that Pushti Marg has a different significance in Vaishnavism. You can send your children to Pushti Marg Pathshala and help them acquire the rich heritage of Pushti Marg Sanskar. Which will not only help in strengthening their roots and strengthening the path but will also help in the all-round development of their personality in all areas of life. Any religious practice without the knowledge of one’s scriptures is like a directionless traveler. Today, the daily routine of reading and studying the texts of Acharyacharan has reduced a lot among Pushti Vaishnavas. Due to which the understanding of the real Pushti principles is found in very few Vaishnavas. To change this adverse situation, it is necessary to provide a modern system of regular study of Pushti scriptures.

Maganbhai Patel further said that India is a land of knowledge. In the field of religious thought and spirituality also, our knowledge wealth in the form of eternal scriptures like Vedas, Bhagavad Gita etc. is unique in the world. Mahaprabhuji Vallabhacharyaji revealed the essence of all the scriptures, the best path of Shri Krishna Bhakti, so that life can be blessed by the light of this divine knowledge present in the scriptures. Acharyashree has systematically described the principles of Bhagwat Bhakti in his texts. The basis of Indian religious thinking is the evidence system. Only the Pravaan Siddha Kartavya Upadesh is recognized as religion. Faith and understanding gained from tradition can create interest in religious practices, but movement in the right direction can be achieved only through the scriptures.

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