A mere chess player made this post about Rahul Gandhi, said- My joke is not taken as expertise…

Russian chess great Garry Kasparov expressed hope that his joke on Indian politics will not be taken as ‘lobbying or expertise’ after his social media post on Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s love for the game went viral. . Responding to a user’s post on ‘X’, Kasparov on Friday advised Rahul to ‘win in Rae Bareli before challenging at the top level’.

However, the 61-year-old former player later said in another post that it was just a joke and should be seen as a joke only. The former world champion, who retired from the sport in 2005, replied to actor Ranveer Shorey, writing, “I sincerely hope that my little joke will not be seen as anyone’s advocacy or expertise in Indian politics.” A politician is making comments about my favorite sport, I can see it.

Shourie’s comments appear to be a dig at Gandhi’s recent claim that he is the best chess player among all Indian politicians. Kasparov also responded to some other posts on X that commented on his original post. Congress had recently posted a video of Gandhi playing chess on a mobile phone during the Lok Sabha election campaign. In this video, Gandhi described Kasparov as his favorite chess player and drew many parallels between the game and politics. He described himself as the best chess player among politicians.

On this, a user of ‘X’ cheekily wrote, “Feeling very relieved that Kasparov and Vishwanathan Anand said goodbye to the game early and they did not have to face the greatest chess genius of our time.” ‘

Responding to the post, Kasparov said, “Before challenging at the top level, you must win in Rae Bareli.” Kasparov is a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin and lives outside his country in Croatia. Gandhi filed his nomination from Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh on Friday. He is also contesting from Wayanad in Kerala.

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