After poor performance in debate with Trump, demand for Biden to withdraw from presidential election race increased

After the poor performance in the debate held in Atlanta during the US presidential election, there is a growing demand in the ruling Democratic Party and mainstream American media for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the electoral race.

Biden (81) and his campaign said he was not conceding defeat and was committed to successfully contesting the November 5 election. “Biden is the Democratic Party’s candidate. The candidate is not being changed,” the campaign leadership said.

Biden, the 46th President of the United States, has won the primary election to become the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party. Biden, who wants to get a second term in the White House, appeared to be wavering in his voice during the debate, forcing top Democrat leaders to wonder whether the current president can remain on top during the difficult months before the election.

At the same time, Trump (78), the Republican Party’s potential presidential candidate, gave a tough fight to Biden from the beginning during the 90-minute debate. Since the first debate for the presidential election in Atlanta on Thursday night, many media organizations including ‘The New York Times’ and supporters of Biden’s party and important policy makers have been demanding him to withdraw from the race. After the debate, ‘The New York Times’ wrote in its editorial, “President Biden should withdraw from this race to serve his country.”

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