AI and ChatGPT are being used in legal matters, know what the Indian courts said?

Last week, the Manipur High Court said in a statement that while deciding a case it was forced to do additional research through Google and ChatGPT 3.5. However, this is not the first time a High Court has used AI for research. Let us tell you that, like the rest of the world, courts in India are also using AI for judicial work.

Manipur HC used ChatGPT?

Zakir Hussain, 36, was “expelled” from his district’s Village Defence Force (VDF) in January 2021, when an alleged criminal escaped from the police station where Hussain was on duty. But Hussain never received the letter ordering his dismissal.

Hussain then moved the Manipur High Court challenging his dismissal. In December 2023, Justice A Guneshwar Sharma directed the police to submit an affidavit detailing the process of “return of VDF personnel”. But the affidavit submitted was found to be incomplete and did not explain what VDF was. This forced the court to use ChatGPT for further research.

ChatterjeePT, meanwhile, said the VDF in Manipur “consists of volunteers from local communities who are trained and equipped to defend their villages against a range of threats, including insurgent activities and ethnic violence”, information which Justice Sharma used in his judgment.

Eventually, the High Court set aside Hussain’s dismissal, citing a 2022 memorandum issued by the Manipur Home Department that stated that upon dismissal, VDF personnel should be given “an opportunity to explain any matter of the alleged allegations.” This was denied to the petitioner in this case.

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