AI Voice Cloning Scam: Know how AI voice cloning is making a copy of your voice, how to protect against AI voice cloning

The modern world is the wizard of technological advancement, which has provided countless facilities to humanity. One important feature of this is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through this we can do many tasks easily and quickly. But, due to some illegal usage, issues like iVoice cloning scams have emerged which are important to avoid.

What is voice cloning? It means a person’s voice being produced by another person. iVoice cloning means cloning someone’s voice using artificial intelligence. This technique is commonly used for exploitation, fraud, and other crimes.

The iVoice cloning scam has posed challenges to the tech world. Due to this, people can lose their trust, because now they can get deceived even through voice. In this article, we will discuss some ways to avoid iVoice cloning scam.

1. Be Vigilant and Educated: First of all, we must be alert and aware of the technological mediums around us. For any kind of assistance through voice, we must be cautious and use verified sources.

2. Apprehension Check: When we verify a voice, we should also check that it is fake. Many times, in voice cloning scams, the voice of the fraudster is suspected to be that of the person.

3. Technical Security: It is very important to keep your technology devices secure. You should perform all security updates periodically, keep your device safe from malware, and download apps only from certified websites.

4. Official Contact: Sometimes, it is also good that we get official contact for clarification. If we receive a message or call and feel uncertain, we should ask questions to provide information to the nearest official contact concerned.

5. Carefully follow the orders of the Cyber ​​Crime Department: It is very important to follow the instructions of the Cyber ​​Crime Department. If we receive any message or call and it does not follow the instructions of the cyber crime department, we should be alert to verify the message.

Ultimately, we must understand that technology is a double-edged sword. It can be used to make life simple and convenient, but after illegal use we may have to face its negative effects. To avoid issues like iVoice cloning scam, we should be alert and aware. With this we can protect ourselves and our companions from the tricks of criminals.

– Animesh Sharma

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