AI voice cloning scam may happen to you, keep these things in mind to avoid it

In today’s time, the era of technology is increasing. While on one hand various kinds of facilities are being provided to the people due to the increasing new technology, on the other hand its disadvantages are also visible. In the age of technology, some people use their wisdom to save themselves from getting involved in scams. The entry of Artificial Intelligence has increased this significantly. Taking advantage of this technology, scammers are trying to cheat in different ways. These days, AI voice cloning scam is increasing rapidly. Today in this article we are going to tell you some tips to avoid AI voice scam, which can help you a lot.

What is AI voice cloning?

This word may be new to someone who is not familiar with it. But scammers are taking great advantage of this. With the help of this technology, scammers use the voice of someone you know and demand money from you. Even sometimes, with the help of AI, the face of the identified person is created. After this they blackmail people with the help of video calls.

Ways to avoid AI voice cloning

To avoid AI voice cloning scam, before receiving a call from an unknown number, check whether the call is really from someone you know or not. Let us avoid scams with the help of these tips.

– First confirm the unknown number.

– If someone makes a video call and demands money, then check it first. Don’t be emotional.

– If in doubt about a call, focus on the eyes of the person appearing on the video call.

– AI Voice Scammer generates the voice of someone you know. If someone calls and demands money, then listen carefully to the voice.

To avoid AI voice cloning scam, you can ask some personal questions.

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