Air India Express employees returned to work after several days, now service will be normal

Many employees of Air India Express had gone on mass sick leave together, raising their voice against the management. Many of the company’s flights had to be canceled after several employees took leave at once. Many passengers had to face problems due to this strike. Now the undeclared strike of the employees has now ended.

Now the management of this Tata Group led airline has now come on the same page with the employees. An agreement has been reached between the two parties. Now gradually the cabin crew of the airline has also started returning to work. Now the situation of the airline has started improving after the airline cabin crew returned to work.

20 flights canceled

Air India Express employees had taken mass sick leave together. Air India Express operates 380 flights daily. The flight had to be canceled due to protests by employees. According to the information, 20 flights were canceled on Sunday also. Employees have started returning to work again from Monday. The airline has also started getting relief from the employees returning to work. It is believed that flight operations will start becoming normal from Tuesday.

Union gave big update

Air India Express Employees Union says that we are not protesting now. All the members of the union have started work. The company’s employees are no longer on leave. However, the situation will soon become normal. Employees will all return to work.

Management accused of discrimination

Cabin crew members of Air India Express alleged that there was discrimination against the management. The employees were being treated badly by the management. The union had also complained to Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran along with the CEO of the airline against the management. It was only after the complaint was not heard that the employees came together and went on strike in protest.

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