Air India Express gives passengers options regarding refund and reschedule, possibility of more flight cancellations in the coming days

Tata Group-owned Air India Express canceled more than 90 flights on Wednesday. Thousands of passengers had to face problems due to flight cancellation. Keeping in mind the convenience of these passengers, Air India Express is now giving the option to complete the journey by another flight.

To avoid further inconvenience to the passengers, the airlines have issued a revised ride schedule. Airlines have requested passengers to check the status of their flights before going to the airport.

In this regard, the airline issued a statement saying that we are giving the affected passengers the option to travel on alternative flights including group airlines. Through this option, airlines want to ensure that passengers reach their destination as soon as possible. Passengers have also been asked to leave home only after checking the flight status on the airline’s website. Let us tell you that due to cancellation of airlines’ flights, the crowd of passengers at the airport also becomes very high.

According to India Today report, if the flight is canceled or delayed by more than 3 hours, then passengers can get the facility of full refund or reschedule without deducting any fees on WhatsApp or Let us tell you that Air India Express operates 360 flights daily. However, its number is more in the summer season.

Air India flights will be affected
Airline CEO Alok Singh says that due to shortage of crew members, flights may be further affected in the coming days. In view of the shortage of staff, flights may be reduced for a few days. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, the through members of Air India Express had taken leave together due to illness, after which the company had to cancel 90 flights. About 300 employees had taken leave together on the pretext of being ill. Due to employees going on leave en masse, operations were significantly affected and flights had to be cancelled.

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