Akhilesh attacks BJP in Ghazipur, says- they are shaken… PM Modi’s tongue is faltering after seeing the defeat

While addressing a rally in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party’s national president Akhilesh Yadav has fiercely targeted BJP. The former CM said that the enthusiasm of Ghazipur shows that INDIA alliance’s Samajwadi Party candidate Afzal Ansari is going to win. He roared that not only is he winning with record votes, but those coming from Delhi are trembling in front of the enthusiasm of the people of Ghazipur. SP has fielded Afzal Ansari from Ghazipur. During the Ghazipur rally, SP candidate from Ballia, Sanatan Pandey was also present.

Akhilesh said that those who were saying that they will cross 400, they are going to lose 400. You must have seen that those who used to say big things, now their confidence has wavered, their tongue has also faltered. He said that when I started the Rath Yatra from here before the 2022 elections, the support I got from you, I did not know that I would have to walk at night, I reached Lucknow after walking the whole day and night. Then I got the same news that the government had withdrawn the black laws.

The SP leader said that think about it, those who said that the income of farmers will double, it did not happen, we are telling our farmer brothers that if the India alliance government is formed, we will waive their loans and give legal guarantee of MSP. He said that the papers of all the examinations conducted in this government were leaked. Not only have the jobs of the youth been snatched away, but one-third of the lives of the youth have been wasted.

Yadav said that it (BJP) cannot face the anger. He said, the 140 crore people of the country will make the BJP yearn for even 140 seats. He reiterated that after the formation of the ‘India’ alliance government, the Agniveer scheme will be abolished and the age limit will be increased. Yadav claimed, the Modi government has waived off the debt of industrialists of more than Rs 25 lakh crore. The ‘India’ alliance government will waive the debt of farmers and implement MSP for them.

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