Along with investment, the urban local bodies of the state will be able to become a better source of income as well

Lucknow. The Yogi government is constantly making efforts to make local bodies self-reliant and increase their income. The government intends to strengthen all urban local bodies (ULBs) by investing on a large scale in their infrastructure and services and develop them in such a way that they can also become a better source of income. Through this, not only will the income of municipal corporations, municipalities and nagar panchayats increase, but they will also be able to play their role in fulfilling the resolution of one trillion dollar economy.

38 projects will be selected

Under this, a total of 38 projects will be selected by the urban local bodies in a phased manner. The infrastructure in which investment is proposed to be made includes administrative or utility infrastructure such as office buildings, urban kiosks, mechanized and other types of parking and road junctions. Along with this, livelihood centers and economic infrastructure such as co-working spaces, urban fairs, food street hubs and digital streets are also included. Heritage and cultural infrastructure also includes heritage streets, conservation projects, museums, exhibition spaces, art galleries, urban art decor and statues. Social and recreational facilities include urban community centers, marriage halls, retirement homes, senior care centers, working women hostels, working men hostels, auditoriums, urban cafes, while public health infrastructure includes pet clinics, parks, open gyms, multipurpose sports facilities. At the same time, there is a plan to invest in urban wetlands, urban forests, urban nurseries and horticulture in environmental upgradation.

Infrastructure will be selected on the prescribed criteria

The allocation of funds for infrastructure investment will be in proportion to the tax collection made by the urban local body and its own share. Also, the selection of infrastructure will be done as per the criteria prescribed in the guidelines. Apart from this, the size of the urban local body will also play a big role in the selection of infrastructure. Priority will be given to those infrastructures in which there is a possibility of PPP proposal. Land will be provided by the urban local body for the construction of this infrastructure.

Funds will be raised from the budget of PPP, central and state schemes

For investment in infrastructure, funds will be raised through urban local bodies’ own revenue or PPP. Not only this, budget provision will also be made under state, central schemes, SFC, CFC. At the same time, investment in infrastructure can also be made from the funds of MPs and MLAs, while CSOs, international organizations can also invest in the infrastructure of urban local bodies through their CSR funds. Under fund distribution, in the first option, provision is proposed to give 40 percent to Municipal Corporation, 40 percent to Municipal Council and 20 percent to Nagar Panchayats. In the second option, 50 percent can be given to Municipal Corporation, 25 percent to Municipal Council and 25 percent to Nagar Panchayat.

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