America and China expected to win most of the medals in Paris Olympics

The US and China are expected to finish in the top two in terms of gold medals and total medal count at the Paris Olympics starting in 100 days. America is projected to win a total of 123 medals, including 39 gold. China is likely to win 89 medals, including 35 gold. Even in the Tokyo Olympics, which was delayed due to the pandemic three years ago, both these countries were in the top two in terms of gold medals and total medals.

The forecast was made by Nielsen’s Gracenote Sports which provides statistical analysis for sports leagues around the world. It also monitors major events related to the Olympic Games before the Games. Gracenote’s rankings are based on the total number of medals won while others focus the rankings on total gold medals. This will mark the eighth consecutive time that the United States is projected to win the most medals in total at the Summer Games.

In Barcelona 1992, the unified team finished on top in terms of total number of medals. Those athletes were from the former Soviet Union which then broke up as a sovereign state. The last time the US was on top in terms of gold medals at an Olympic Games was in the 2008 Beijing Olympics when China made heavy investments and it showed benefits. After these two, in terms of total medals and gold medals, Britain (66-13), France (55-28), Australia (50-13), Japan (49-13), Italy (47-12), Netherlands (38 -18), Germany (36-9) and South Korea (24-9).

The host country’s medal count always increases and France, which won a total of 33 medals in Tokyo, is expected to get 55 medals in Paris. France had won 10 gold medals in Tokyo and is expected to get 28 medals, almost three times as many in Paris. Japan also gave its best performance in Tokyo and won a total of 58 medals including 27 gold.

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