America: Police removed Palestine supporters protesting at Columbia University from the campus.

New York. Police removed 30 to 40 pro-Palestinian protesters who had gathered at Hamilton Hall of Columbia University in New York on Tuesday night. The protesters had gathered at this administrative building during the day, after which the authorities had to call the police. The President of this Ivy League university said that there is no other option to ensure security and restore order on the campus and he sought help from the police department, after which New York Police officers took this action.

The protesters had occupied the building while demonstrating in tents on the university grounds. The police will remain alert in the campus till May 17 because on this day the preparations for the new academic session of the university are coming to an end. The protests, which began in Colombia last month, have now spread from California to Massachusetts. As the start of the new academic session in May approaches, university authorities are facing additional pressure to disperse the protesters.

Hundreds of police officers entered Columbia University on Tuesday night to remove the occupation of the administrative building by pro-Palestinian protesters and uprooted the protesters’ tents. The police officials took this action after the school president had said that there was no other option to ensure security and restore order on the campus. Policemen wearing helmets and carrying protective shields used during riots entered the campus from the entrance of the university at 9 pm, after which the entire scene of the campus changed.

A large number of protesters were detained and taken away from the campus in buses. Protestors occupied Hamilton Hall for more than 12 hours. About two weeks before this, he had started the protest by setting up a tent in the ground. Over the past two weeks, more than a thousand protesters have been arrested on university campuses in states including Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, New Mexico, Connecticut, Louisiana, California and New Jersey, some of whom were charged with inciting a riot. Arrested after the confrontation.

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