America rejects Russia’s allegations of interference in elections in India

Washington. America on Thursday rejected Russia’s allegations that America is interfering in the elections being held in India. “Absolutely not,” US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said at his daily press conference. We are neither involved in the ongoing elections in India nor in the elections taking place anywhere in the world. The people of India will decide.” In fact, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova had said in Moscow that America is interfering in India’s domestic affairs and the current elections. Miller was asked a question about this.

In a recent article published in the American newspaper ‘Washington Post’, allegations were made that an officer of the ‘Research and Analysis Wing’ was involved in planning the alleged murder of Khalistani separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu on American soil. Responding to the article, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters in Moscow, “The US regularly makes baseless allegations against New Delhi… We see that they are targeting not only India but many other countries as well.” “Makes baseless allegations of violating India’s independence, which shows that the US does not understand India’s national vision, does not understand the historical context of India’s development, and does not respect India as a country.”

The Russian spokesperson termed it as America’s colonial era mentality. “They are trying to unbalance India’s internal political situation to complicate the general parliamentary elections,” RT News quoted Zakharova as saying. This is a way of interfering in the internal affairs of India.” He said, ”It is difficult to imagine a more repressive regime than Washington in both domestic and international affairs.” The US State Department spokesperson regarding these allegations in Washington. He was seen avoiding answering any question put to him. He said, “Until these allegations are proven before the judiciary, they remain mere allegations.” Since this is a legal matter, I will not say anything on it here.

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