America. Students demonstrated in American colleges and universities in support of Palestine

Washington. There were sporadic incidents of students protesting in support of Palestine during convocation ceremonies in colleges and universities located from North Carolina to California in America. At Virginia Commonwealth University, hundreds of undergraduate students walked out during Governor Glenn Youngkin’s address.

According to the US WRIC TV channel, an estimated 100 students stood up and walked out during the Republican governor’s speech, with some students and their families demonstrating in support of Palestine and others criticizing Youngkin’s education policies. Some Palestinian supporters staged a silent protest at the commencement ceremony held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Camp Randall Stadium.

A photo published by the Wisconsin State Journal newspaper shows six people coming out of the back of the stadium, two of whom are seen holding a Palestinian flag. This demonstration has taken place at a time when pro-Palestinian students had agreed last Friday to end the protests that have been going on in the university campus for the last two weeks and said that they will not create any kind of obstruction in the convocation ceremony. The university had agreed to support students affected by the wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, pro-Palestinian protesters spread red paint on the stairs of a building and chanted slogans on campus before the commencement ceremony, according to reports. A student at the University of Texas protested on stage before the commencement ceremony, holding a Palestinian flag. Later the security personnel removed him from there. AP.

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