Amethi Lok Sabha Seat: Has Kishori Lal Sharma become a victim of the disloyalty of the Gandhi family?

Lucknow. This Lok Sabha election has become the last hope for Congress in Uttar Pradesh. The Congress, which had performed brilliantly by winning 83 out of 85 seats in Uttar Pradesh (before the formation of Uttarakhand) in the 1984 Lok Sabha elections, was reduced to one seat in Rae Bareli in the 2019 elections within 40 years. The assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was a major reason behind the big victory of Congress in the Lok Sabha elections held in 1984, people had given 51.03 percent votes for Congress in the name of Indira wave. After this, BJP, SP and BSP increased their support base and in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Congress was reduced to 21 seats.

After the Emergency in 1977, Congress could not win even a single seat in the general elections as well as in 1998. After this, the vote bank of Muslims left Congress and went with SP. At the same time, Bahujan Samaj Party captured the vote bank of the deprived community of Congress. In the 2014 and 2019 elections, BJP had wiped out Congress from Uttar Pradesh by winning 71 and 62 seats.

This time, Congress is contesting elections on 17 seats in alliance with Samajwadi Party, out of which Congress has the highest hopes from Rae Bareli. Rahul Gandhi has spread enthusiasm among the Congressmen by filing nomination from here. In 2019, Rahul lost from Amethi. The hope was that he would again try to regain his lost seat in Amethi, but it did not happen. After the defeat from Amethi in 2019, if Rahul Gandhi loses the elections from Rae Bareli this time, then the Gandhi family will be out of business in Uttar Pradesh politics.

BJP has prepared a complete strategy to wipe out Congress from Uttar Pradesh to raise the slogan of Congress-free India. On one hand, BJP has made strong management at 1.6 lakh booths, while on the other hand, Congress has been able to deploy in-charges only at 70 thousand booths. This time BSP has also fielded its candidate from Rae Bareli. Therefore, the path of Congress is not going to be so easy. It is a different matter that Rahul’s entry into the electoral fray will give edge to the alliance’s election campaign on some other seats including Rae Bareli and Amethi.

If we talk about Gandhi family’s traditional seats Rae Bareli and Amethi, here Rahul Gandhi is proving to be the weakest link of the family. This is being said because Rahul Gandhi has fled from Amethi due to fear of defeat, which does not suit a leader who is leading the party himself. Even if mouth pieces like Jairam Ramesh keep saying anything. It was expected that Priyanka Gandhi would contest her first election from Rae Bareli and Rahul would contest from Amethi, but Priyanka, who made tall claims on the political platform and cursed Modi, did not contest due to the fear of defeat, because she She didn’t want her ‘Boni’ to go wrong in politics. Sonia Gandhi also tried to convince Priyanka, but Priyanka did not agree. The hope is that if Rahul, who is also contesting from Wayanad, wins both the seats, he will leave the Wayanad seat for Priyanka, but here Priyanka will definitely win. This cannot be said with certainty because the voters of Wayanad have already become attackers on Rahul Gandhi. He is raising the question that Rahul Gandhi has cheated by hiding the fact of contesting elections from Rae Bareli from Wayanad. CPI candidate from Wayanad Lok Sabha seat of Kerala, Anne Raja has given advice to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He said that Rahul has the right to contest from two seats, but this is injustice to the people of Wayanad. I am confident of victory in Wayanad. He asked that Congress should tell which seat will Rahul leave if he wins both the places? Well, another reason for Rahul Gandhi’s defeat from Rae Bareli is being said that Rahul is not very confident about winning from Wayanad. Having lost the 2019 elections from Amethi, this time too he would have faced a tough competition from Smriti Irani. Therefore the party has hit two targets with one stone.

The Gandhi family saved its seat, but badly trapped one of its old loyalists by fielding him in the Amethi election. People are raising questions that Kishori Lal Sharma could have been given the same award for her 40 years of service to the Gandhi family. Sharma, originally a resident of Ludhiana in Punjab, was brought by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to Amethi for the first time in 1983 as his representative. Since then, he has been active as the messenger of the Gandhi family in Amethi and Rae Bareli, but most of his time was spent in Rae Bareli only. Here he was known in every house. If the Gandhi family had really wanted to honor Kishori Lal for his service, they would have made him a candidate from Rae Bareli and not from Amethi, from where there would have been more hope for his victory. How strong a challenge Sharma will be able to give to Smriti Irani will become clear in the coming days.

The question is arising whether Amethi’s Congress candidate Kishori Lal Sharma has become a victim of the Gandhi family’s disloyalty. The first glimpse of this was seen when no member of the Gandhi family was seen standing with Sharma at the time of his nomination. Not only this, other big Congress faces were also absent at the time of Kishari Lal Sharma’s nomination, whereas if the Gandhi family had wanted, this would not have happened. .

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