Apple’s update will be full of AI features, iPhone’s look will change instantly

To improve the experience of iPhone users, Apple is going to gift AI features to users in its next update. Many such features will be provided in iOS 18, which will increase the fun of using iPhone.

This update will be launched during the World Wide Developer Conference. It is expected that in this update the company will focus the most on AI features.

You will get great features

In Apple’s next update, Safari, Photos and Notes will be improved compared to before. Many new AI-powered features can be added to them. It will be full of generative AI features. According to the report, Apple is working on a custom emoji feature.

There will also be a facility to create emojis based on text only. This feature will be completely AI powered. Apple believes that this will make the experience of iPhone users even better.

These AI features will be updated

Voice Memo Transcription

Suggested reply emails and messages

Auto generated emojis

Improved Safari Web Search

Faster interactions with Siri

Smart Recap for missed notifications

Developer Tools for Xcode

Many apps and features coming on iOS 18 will be powered by AI. For this, Apple has worked to power its own large language model generic AI features. Apple is betting on on-device AI features. Which comes with many additional features compared to normal AI.

According to reports, it provides better privacy and fast response. Google works together with OpenAI and Google+ to improve AI features.

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