Badamba Assembly Seat: BJD has occupied this seat since 2000, will BJP be able to break this spell?

Elections are being held in Odisha for 147 assembly seats along with Lok Sabha. Before the elections, there was an attempt to establish mutual coordination and alliance between the BJP, which is in power at the Centre, and Patnaik’s Biju Janata Dal, which has been ruling the state for nearly 24 years. However, when the seat sharing between the two parties could not be finalised, BJP and BJD have fielded their candidates on all 147 seats in the state. But is the BJP really able to pose a challenge to BJD candidates at the ground level? Let us tell you that voting is to be held on 01 June 2024 on 42 seats in the state. In this sequence, an interesting contest is being seen in the Baramba assembly constituency under Cuttack district.

BJD candidate Debi Prasad Mishra

The biggest specialty of the Baramba assembly constituency is that Debi Prasad Mishra has been winning elections continuously since 1995. First in 1995, he won on a Janata Dal ticket and then since 2000, he has been winning elections on a Biju Janata Dal ticket. Even though his vote percentage has declined over time, the opposition has never been able to pose a strong challenge to Debi Prasad Mishra. Debi Prasad Mishra is the vice-president of BJD and the party’s star campaigner in these elections. From 2000 to 2017, he has handled the ministries of health, tourism, agriculture and industry.

BJP candidate Sambit Patra

The Bharatiya Janata Party has fielded a new face Sambit Tripathi from the Baramba assembly constituency. Sambit Patra is a former IRS officer. He believes that even though winning here is a challenge for the BJP, the party is still trying to reach out to the people. The party has also been successful in changing people’s thinking. Therefore, Sambit Patra expresses confidence that this time he will win this seat. Earlier, Sambit Patra has worked in the Ministry of Petroleum and Skill Development.

Congress candidate Sanjay Kumar Sahu

In the past years, Congress has been losing ground here. However, the party still makes its presence felt in the state. The party has expressed confidence in Congress leader Sanjay Kumar Sahu, who was a member of the Youth Congress, from this seat. Sahu is considered a dedicated leader of the Congress. Sanjay says that if he does not accept the challenge, then how will he move forward. He says that he will try to increase the vote share of Congress by gathering workers. However, Sanjay Kumar Sahu also does not deny that the main fight here is two-sided, i.e. between BJP and BJD.

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