Baramati is slipping from Sharad Pawar’s hands, Ajit’s dominance is increasing

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The land of the region seems to be slipping from the hands of Sharad Pawar, who was once a powerful leader of Maharashtra and Baramati. Due to which, the seat of Mahavikas Aghadi’s Lok Sabha candidate and Baramati MP Supriya Sule seems stuck. People of the area believe that Ajit’s wife Sunetra Pawar will win this election with a big margin.

After the split of NCP into two, the full support of the party workers is with Ajit Pawar faction. The entire political power of Sharad Pawar, who was once a powerful leader in the region, has gone into the hands of Ajit Pawar. Along with big rallies, Ajit is also holding street meetings in the area regarding the elections. The crowd gathering at his rallies shows that his influence in the area is gradually increasing.

The party workers who are working hard in the scorching heat said that they have gone door-to-door and sought votes in this election due to which Sunetra Pawar is maintaining a huge lead in this election. On the alliance of NCP and BJP, the workers said that now we are members of Mahayuti and the workers are working together on the ground. Activists said that Sunetra Pawar is winning the election by more than 1,00,000 votes. People now want change regarding Supriya Sule, who was MP for 15 years. Activists claim that Sunetra Pawar can also be made a minister if Modi government comes to power at the Centre.

People’s perception about Ajit Pawar is that he wakes up at 5:00 in the morning and goes out to tour the area and asks people about their problems and tries to solve them. Apart from this, he goes to the people and asks them about their problems. Voters want revenge on Baramati seat but are hoping for the return of Modi government at the Centre. Other NCP workers said that Ajit Dada carries all the components of the society, hence his victory is certain. People believe that Ajit Dada does what he says.

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