Biden vs Trump: Not acceptable… Putin’s name came up in the first debate between Biden and Trump

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump faced off in a highly-publicized CNN debate in Atlanta. This is the first step between the two ahead of the 2024 presidential election. Both candidates started the debate by criticizing each other’s record on the economy, immigration, foreign policy and abortion rights.

Biden kept clearing his throat repeatedly

President Joe Biden has been battling a cold in recent days. His voice sounded a little different than usual during the debate. Biden’s throat appeared to be sore. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, in a memo after his physical examination in February, said Biden was experiencing symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux, which caused him to clear his throat frequently.

Trump was seen taking the lead in the first half

Former President Donald Trump took about 23 minutes and six seconds during the first half of the debate, while President Joe Biden’s time was about 18 minutes and 26 seconds. Let us tell you that both the candidates got equal opportunity to answer the questions. President Joe Biden has made abortion a central issue in his election campaign, but while he believes abortion should be legal. Biden said that while he supports abortion under the circumstances mentioned in Roe vs. Wade, he believes a doctor should make the decision. Biden said that we are not in favor of late-term abortion.

Putin’s conditions for ending the Ukraine war are not acceptable

Former President Donald Trump told CNN’s Katherine Sullivan that the conditions Russian President Vladimir Putin has laid out for ending Russia’s war in Ukraine are not acceptable. Putin has said Russia will end its war in Ukraine only if Kiev surrenders all four regions claimed by Moscow and drops its bid to join NATO.

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