Biden Vs Trump: Where can you watch the US Presidential debate, what will be its rules | All FAQs

The first presidential debate in the United States is set to air today, June 27. The debate is taking place months earlier than usual and with new rules such as no live audience. Issues of the economy, inflation and immigration are expected to dominate the debate. Apart from this, foreign policy questions are also expected to be raised, mainly related to China, Ukraine and Israel’s conflict in Gaza.

When and where does the debate take place?

The first debate will air at 9 p.m. IST on Friday morning at 6:30 a.m. on CNN and will be broadcast from the Atlanta studios without a live audience. It can also be watched on CNN affiliates without a cable login. Available for simulcast on and other US channels. Coming four months before the November 5 vote, the CNN debate will be the earliest presidential debate in modern US history. Television news channel ABC will host the second presidential debate on September 10, it said.

Who will moderate the debate?

Anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will moderate the debate for CNN. ABC will be moderated by anchors David Muir and Linsey Davis.

US Presidential Debate Rules

The candidates will appear on an equal stage at Thursday’s 90-minute debate. They will be given a pen, paper and a bottle of water and cannot use props or notes, CNN said. Microphones will be muted throughout the debate except for the candidate whose turn it is to speak, and moderators will use all tools at their disposal to enforce timing and ensure a civilized discussion, CNN said. Biden will be at the podium to the right of the audience’s screen and Trump will get the last word after a coin toss. Campaign staff cannot interact with the candidates during the two commercial breaks, and there will be no audience in the studio. ABC’s debate rules have not yet been announced.

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