Both models of scooter Ather 450S and 450x are coming with new updates, you will get belt cover.

Amidst the rising prices of petrol and diesel, people are rapidly moving towards electric vehicles and now you can easily see a large number of e-scooters in the market. Well-known scooter company Ather is bringing new updates in its famous models 450S and 450X.

Let us tell you that belt cover is now being provided in both the models. Apart from this, the company says that the logo used by the company in both the scooters will now be available with chrome finish.

Let us tell you that earlier the car used to come with a plastic logo, although this feature was already available in the 450 Apex model of Ather, but you could not see this update in 450S and 450X.

This information has been shared on social media platform Although no official statement has been issued by the company regarding this yet, but after the leaking of the image, it is being speculated that soon you will see both these models with belt cover.

Especially during the rainy season, dust and mud used to accumulate on the belt cover, which reduces the life of the vehicle and the belt cover gets damaged quickly. Now, due to the installation of the cover, this problem will not be seen and the complaints of noise coming from the belt will also reduce.

Talking about all three scooters of Ather, till now Ather 450X, 450S, 450 Apex models are available in the market, in which the price of 450X is Rs 97,547 and 450X is Rs 1.26 lakh. 450 Apex is a limited edition model of the company, whose ex-showroom price starts from Rs 1.89 lakh.

If you charge the battery of these Ather scooters at home, it takes 6 hours 36 minutes and the battery gets charged up to 80%. Apart from this, Regenerative Braking System is also provided in Apex scooter and its specialty is that when you take the scooter down a slope, without applying brakes, this scooter reduces the speed of the vehicle and returns the energy. It transfers power to the battery, which saves up to 7% of battery.

Talking about updates in the coming time, Ather is planning a family scooter and it is likely to be named Rizta. The company says that it is going to be much more economical than all the models available till now.

– Vindhyavasini Singh

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