British Prime Minister Sunak ‘hurt and outraged’ by racist comments against him

London. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Saturday reacted to the racist comments made against him, saying that he was “hurt and angry” by it. Speaking to reporters during the general election campaign, Sunak said that his two daughters, Krishna and Anushka, had to see and hear ‘Reform UK’ activists who “called me a Paki” while campaigning for party leader Nigel Farage. The 44-year-old Indian-origin British leader said, “It hurts and it makes me angry.”

Sunak said, “When you see Reform Party candidates and campaigners using racist and misogynistic language and ideas without challenge, I think that tells you something about the culture within the Reform Party.” He was making the remarks after a campaigner for the far-right Reform UK was filmed using racist remarks against people of South Asian heritage, prompting party leader and general election candidate Nigel Farage to condemn the act as “appalling”.

Reform UK is fielding hundreds of candidates with an anti-immigration stance in the July 4 election with the intention of presenting a major challenge to the incumbent Conservative Party. Reform UK is far behind in the general election. Due to the election being held earlier than expected, the party has been unable to thoroughly vet all its campaigners and one of them (Andrew Parker) was filmed by a Channel 4 reporter. Farage said in a statement that the appalling sentiments expressed by some people have no connection with his views and supporters or the views of Reform UK. The same activist was also heard suggesting that gun-toting soldiers should be deployed to ‘just shoot’ illegal immigrants landing on UK beaches.

60-year-old Faraz, who practices divisive politics, will be making his eighth attempt this time after seven failed attempts to be elected to Parliament. Surveys show that Faraz, who is in the race to represent the seaside town of Clacton-on-Sea, can easily get an edge. There are 650 seats in the House of Commons and ‘Reform’ is likely to get only a few seats, but Faraz says that his goal is to lead the ‘real’ opposition to the Labor Party government. The Labor Party is expected to form a government after the general election. Meanwhile, the British Indian leader has warned voters that voting for ‘Reform UK’ would mean voting in favor of the Labor Party that raises taxes. He also hit back at Faraz’s controversial statements claiming that the West provoked Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine. Sunak told ‘The Telegraph’, “Whatever he said was wrong, it was completely wrong. He is a puppet in Putin’s hands.

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