Can Biden be removed from the presidential candidacy? Who can replace him

For the first time, current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump came face to face. But this debate proved to be a flop show for Biden. Donald Trump won one-sidedly. Seeing Biden losing ground in this debate before the elections in November, there are calls in his own party to change the ticket. The prominent leaders of the Democratic Party want to field a young candidate. David Plouffe, who was an advisor to former President Obama, said, this is a call to change the candidate. A ‘Joe Out’ campaign has been launched. However, Vice President Kamala Harris has supported Biden.

Biden’s weaknesses exposed, Trump lied on 30 issues

Biden’s aides were hoping that the President would put up an impressive performance to dispel concerns about his age. For this, many changes were also made in the debate. Their dream was shattered. Biden and Trump did not even shake hands. Their debate focused more on their mutual resentment, abuse and personal attacks. There was no serious discussion on policies. Trump kept citing wrong facts. Biden was seen defending his decisions. Trump lied with full enthusiasm on 30 important issues like immigration.

India was also mentioned in the debate

India was also mentioned in the debate on the issue of climate change. Biden talked about America’s responsibility on this. Trump said, America has spent billions. Countries like China and India have not done anything about it.

Biden will have to be persuaded to step aside

Biden’s bid remains strong despite fierce criticism from his own party. He won the support of 99% of delegates in the Democratic primary process earlier this year, meaning he is entitled to the nomination. As a result, any decision to move to another candidate starts with Biden himself. The 25th Amendment to the Constitution allows for such action by the vice president and a majority of his Cabinet to remove a president if he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

If not Biden, then who?

If Biden withdraws from the race before the Democratic convention in mid-August, his delegates could vote for a new nominee at the event. Potential candidates include Vice President Kamala Harris, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro. If Biden withdraws from the race after the convention, a special meeting of Democratic National Committee members will decide on the new nominee. The committee consists of about 500 prominent party members from all US states and territories.

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