Case of robot committing suicide, can robots really commit suicide?

Nowadays, robots are being used in many such places which no one had even imagined till a few years ago. There are many such tasks which have completely fallen on the shoulders of robots. This simply means that they can work continuously for hours. They do not have emotions.

However, a case has come to light from South Korea which has shocked everyone. Actually, news has come from here about a robot committing suicide. In such a situation, the basic question in everyone’s mind is whether a robot can really commit suicide.

This incident that happened with a robot in South Africa is really shocking everyone. Till now we had heard that humans commit suicide. But now a robot has committed suicide, according to the report, the robot threw itself down the stairs to do so. According to a report of Daily Mirror, the robot was working continuously for the last one year.

But, since some time, the work has been increased. Due to which he got stressed and as a result he decided to commit suicide. The reason behind doing this, the local authorities said that the robot was found in such a condition, which cannot be expected from a machine. At present, the whole matter is being investigated. This matter has really surprised the administration. These things have been said in the reports. But here is a question that is brewing in everyone’s mind that can a robot really commit suicide like this.

Till now, there have been many cases of humans committing suicide due to difficult situations. But it is a bit surprising that a robot has committed suicide. Whatever it is, only the officials can give the exact answer to this.

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