Caution! Do not search these things on Google even by mistake, otherwise you will be jailed

Today’s era is of the internet. Every information and knowledge is available to people through the internet. There are many search engines for this. Using which you can search anything. When searching for something, people take the help of Google. The most used search engine is Google. Let us tell you that, according to the data shared in the year 2024, 77.52% of the people preferred Google. Searching on Google is quite easy. However, do not search some things on Google even by mistake. Otherwise you will get into trouble. Let us know which things should not be searched.

How to make a bomb

Everyone knows how dangerous a bomb is. It is used only by terrorists. That is why if you accidentally search for a way to make a bomb on Google or something related to it, you may get into trouble. The police will arrest you and put you in jail.

Pirated Movies

The law in India is very strict regarding pirated films. If you search about pirating films on Google. Or search the process of doing such work. Then you can be sent to jail for up to 3 years. Along with this, you can also be fined Rs 10 lakh.

child porn

The laws regarding child pornography in India are very strict. It is worth noting that this is a sensitive topic. If anyone searches about this on Google even by mistake, he can be sent to jail under section 14 of the POCSO Act 2012. You may have to go to jail for 5 to 7 years. Therefore, one should not search anything about child pornography on Google even by mistake.


Strict rules and laws have been made in India regarding abortion. That is why no one can violate these rules. If you search anything on Google regarding abortion, then action can be taken against you.

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