China warned not to interfere in the detention of the crew of the Taiwanese boat: Taiwan

Taipei: Taiwan claimed on Wednesday that China warned its coast guard not to interfere in the detention of a Taiwanese fishing boat, seen as the latest attempt by China to encroach on Taiwan’s territory. Taiwan’s coast guard again demanded the release of the boat and its crew members who were detained in waters off the Taiwan-controlled Kinmen island off the Chinese coast on Tuesday night, but China has refused to communicate with the Taiwanese government. The incident comes amid heightened political tensions with China after William Lai Ching-te was elected as Taiwan’s President.

Lai Ching-te’s party rejects Taiwan’s unification with China, while China has explicitly threatened to kill supporters of Taiwan’s independence. Taiwanese Coast Guard spokesman Hsieh Ching-chin said the boat was not in Chinese waters when Chinese agents stopped it. He said the Chinese agents took the boat to a port in China’s Fujian province. Ching-chin said, “We urge (the Chinese side) to give an explanation and release the boat and its crew.”

Taiwan’s maritime authorities said in a statement that two Chinese ships intercepted the Dajinmen 88 off the Kinmen Islands on Tuesday evening. According to the statement, Taiwan sent three ships to rescue the Dajinmen 88, but the Chinese boats stopped them and warned them not to interfere. Taiwan’s official ‘Central News Agency’ reported that there was a captain and five other crew members on the boat. The crew members are Taiwanese and Indonesian. Taiwanese officials said that when the coast guard boarded the boat, the boat was just 20 kilometers away from Xinjiang, China.

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