Congress, Left and TMC ruined all the industries, PM Modi reminded of the golden era of Bengal in terms of industry.

Addressing a public meeting in Bolpur, West Bengal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that once upon a time, Bengal was so far ahead in terms of industry. But Congress, Left and then TMC ruined all the industries. Where there is competition and riots, who will come to invest there? The Indi alliance of TMC-Congress-Left knows only one thing – appeasement. What would our ancestors think after seeing the bloody and corrupt politics that has been going on here in Bengal in the last several decades? On this land of Gurudev, TMC has given free rein to anti-social elements to exploit the people.

TMC is in control of villages, hospitals, police stations, mines everywhere. There is no other political party which works like such a gang. For decades, West Bengal has endured the politics of violence. TMC has given shelter to non-state actors and allowed them to commit atrocities against the people. TMC has complete control over treasury, hospitals and law and order. We can only guess how many more Sandeshkhali are hidden in Bengal. TMC is digging the grave of democracy!

Our ex-servicemen are facing injustice in Bengal. BJP stands with you in these challenging times and to make your life easier, in my third term, the Central Government will help you in every possible way. The central government is providing free ration and health coverage to the people. However, TMC is not implementing our initiative in Bengal, due to which you are facing problems.

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