Congress makes a strong comeback in Madhya Pradesh, BJP also hopes for a clean sweep

During the election tour, CricketInFocus’s team visited many parliamentary seats and also tried to know the electoral inclination of the voters. About 4 months ago, BJP had won a landslide victory in the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, defying all estimates, surveys and exit polls. After the elections, BJP removed Shivraj Singh Chauhan and made Mohan Yadav the Chief Minister here. Which is an attempt by the party to solve its social equations. This time BJP also hopes to win the only Chhindwara seat which it lost in the last elections. BJP aims to win all 29 seats. Although this goal is not so easy, but considering the record breaking victory of BJP in the assembly elections, this goal does not seem impossible either. That’s why BJP gives slogan that if Modi is there then it is possible.

BJP had also announced its candidates before Congress. Therefore, it is being seen that Congress is not fighting the elections with as much unity as compared to BJP. BJP has also made Shivraj Singh Chauhan its candidate. Apart from his parliamentary constituency Vidisha, he is campaigning in other areas also. All the star campaigners of BJP including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP President JP Nadda and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath are continuously coming here. Similarly, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi are also campaigning for Congress candidates. Along with this, Congress has made young Jitu Patwari the president.

There are 29 Lok Sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh and in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP had created history by winning 28 seats. In the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections held four-five months ago, BJP returned to power in Madhya Pradesh with its best performance till date. After the election results, BJP has handed over the post of Chief Minister to Ujjain MLA Mohan Yadav. After becoming the Chief Minister, Mohan Yadav not only continued all the schemes of Shivraj government but also started many new schemes. This time, BJP is claiming to win all the 29 seats in the state on the basis of public trust in its slogan of Modi’s guarantee. This time, Congress has fielded many of its stalwarts and indicated that it is contesting the elections with great gusto.

Apart from the seats of Mahakaushal region, Chhindwara Mandal and Balaghat, Congress Party is also hopeful of winning Morena seat because a strong candidate has been given here. Apart from this, Congress is hopeful that Digvijay Singh can also win from his home constituency Rajgarh. But the hopes of Congress are being dashed one by one because wherever Congress is expected to win, party MLAs or senior officials are joining BJP. All this is adversely affecting the electoral prospects of Congress. Apart from this, the way the Congress candidate from Indore changed sides has also affected the image of the party. On the other hand, BJP definitely seems to be leading in the state and its election management is also being carried forward efficiently. The party hopes that the candidates will benefit from the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also recently conducted a road show in Bhopal. Apart from this, public meetings of the Prime Minister are also being organized in various areas.

Despite all this, there is no enthusiasm about the elections among the voters in entire Madhya Pradesh. Be it the high profile campaign of BJP or the election campaign of Congress, this time voters are preferring to stay away from the election noise. It is possible that there is no enthusiasm among the voters as the second election is coming within 4 months. Seeing this environment, political parties are sitting and making strategies to bring their voters to the polling booth so that the election target can be achieved. Congress was initially disappointed after seeing BJP’s aggressive election campaign in the state, but due to low turnout in the first phase, Congress’ enthusiasm increased and it felt that voters were showing indifference towards BJP. Therefore, from the second phase onwards, Congress is also showing an aggressive attitude instead of defensive. This election is a big test for everyone including Jitu Patwari, who was recently appointed State President of Congress, Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. Priyanka Gandhi went to Scindia and spoke ill of him but Scindia did not retaliate against anyone.

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