Defect in electronic oil pump controller, announcement of free replacement of parts, big recall of 7698 vehicles of Hyundai’s Creta and Verna.

Hyundai Motor Company has recently recalled 7698 vehicles of its widely popular vehicles, Creta and Verna, due to a defect in the electronic oil pump controller. To solve this problem, the company has taken recall action, and has announced to replace the parts of the recalled vehicles free of cost. With this new announcement, Hyundai has again demonstrated its commitment to prioritizing the safety and convenience of consumers. Along with this, this company is also showing its determination to fulfill its responsibilities towards its customers permanently.

A recall occurs when a business takes back a product it sold. When a product has a defect, the corporation decides to recall it. She wants the product defect to be fixed during the recall process. To prevent future problems with the product for the buyer.

The main reason for the recalls related to Creta and Verna is the defect in the electronic oil pump controller. This controller controls the oil pump of the vehicle engine, which is important for proper lubrication of the engine. A faulty controller can affect the efficiency of the engine’s oil pump, which can impact vehicle performance and occupant safety.

Hyundai prospective customers owning a Creta or Verna can take their vehicle to a Hyundai service center between the following dates to have the necessary modifications made to their vehicle:

– Creta & Verna: For vehicles models manufactured between 13 February 2023 and 6 June 2023

– This change will be free especially for Tatkaa customers who want to get the controller change done easily and without any cost.

This new action by Hyundai Motors is a testament to their sensitivity towards their consumers. Being able to respond quickly to vehicle faults and immediately resolve them, looking after their safety and retail experience is important for Hyundai users. With this new announcement, Hyundai assures its consumers that it listens to their feedback and is committed to meeting their needs. This is not only to enhance their competitiveness, but is also a part of Hyundai’s process of maintaining a long-term relationship with its users. Additionally, it reflects Hyundai’s leadership and unique performance in the field of equipment and technology. Also proves again. Another advantage of making these improvements to vehicles is that it further strengthens the vehicle’s characteristic performance capabilities, resulting in greater consumer satisfaction with their vehicles.

This action by Hyundai Motors has once again proved their commitment to customer service. By taking note of their reactions, they are able to take immediate action, which is critical to protecting their consumers and overseeing the retail experience. This new action not only boosts the confidence of their users but also strengthens their credibility.

– Animesh Sharma

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