Delhi High Court allows woman to terminate 30-week pregnancy

The Delhi High Court has allowed a 31-year-old woman to undergo medical termination of her pregnancy at around 30 weeks after a neurological development disorder was detected in her foetus.

The court passed the order on Friday, saying the law ensures that women are not forced to continue a pregnancy where the child is going to be born with serious abnormalities.

Based on the report submitted by the AIIMS medical board, the court said that investigations indicated that if the child is born, it is likely to face serious neurological problems and extensive health challenges due to ‘Joubert Syndrome’.

The court said that the first child of the petitioner woman also suffers from neurological disorder and if medical termination of pregnancy is not permitted in this case, “she and her family will be forced to care for two children with severe neurodevelopmental problems, which will require extensive, continuous and advanced medical care, possibly for their entire lives.”

The court appreciated the assistance of the AIIMS medical board and said that the doctors who gave their opinion in the matter would enjoy immunity in case of any litigation arising out of this petition.

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