Delhi School Bomb Threat After the news of bomb in schools, Delhi Police has got this information till now

There has been panic in the national capital since Wednesday morning. A bomb threat email has been sent to about 80 schools in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram. As soon as information was received that a bomb had been planted, there was panic in the schools and surrounding areas.

Amidst the atmosphere of chaos, the Delhi Police team reached the schools and searched the schools. Delhi Police in collaboration with other departments has conducted search operations in schools. Dog squad and bomb squad have also been deployed in the search operation so that if any suspicious item is found, it can be thoroughly investigated.

Delhi Police, along with the bomb squad, has thoroughly investigated each and every classroom. Let us tell you that as soon as Delhi Police got information about this mill, all the children of the school were sent home and they were discharged. Let us tell you that now Delhi Police is trying to find out who has sent this email. In the stolen plane, Delhi Police has the possibility that this email came from abroad.

Delhi Police gave this statement

Panic spread among students and parents on Wednesday morning after at least 80 schools in Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) received a bomb threat through email. The officers provided this information. The Home Ministry has said that this threat appears to be a rumor and there is no need to panic. Delhi Police said that it has thoroughly investigated all the schools where bomb threats were received. According to Delhi Police, nothing was found in the investigation. Delhi Police said in a post on social media platform ‘X’, “Some schools in Delhi received e-mails containing bomb threats. Delhi Police has conducted a thorough investigation of all such schools as per protocol. The post further said, “Nothing objectionable has been found. It appears that this is a rumor. We request people not to panic and maintain peace.

Home Ministry gave this information

The Union Home Ministry on Wednesday termed the threat of bombs being planted in schools as a rumor and told people that there is no need to panic. The ministry said that police and security agencies are taking necessary steps as per protocol. A Home Ministry official said, “There is no need to panic.” The bomb threat given through email appears to be a hoax. Delhi Police and security agencies are taking necessary steps as per protocol.” Over 80 schools in the national capital and neighboring Noida city were left in a state of panic on Wednesday morning after receiving an email containing a bomb threat on their premises. It became. Local police were informed about the email and all schools were evacuated.

Know the statement of Delhi Police
On this issue, Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa says, “Many schools have contacted us that they have received an email about a bomb on their campus. Delhi Police has conducted a search operation but no untoward incident has occurred.” As far as we know…it seems that someone has done this to create panic…I just want to request the parents not to panic. We are investigating in this regard.

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