‘Elections are slipping from Modi’s hands’, Rahul Gandhi said – Indian government will start 30 lakh recruitment process by August 15

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said the opposition-led India Alliance government, if voted to power, will start the process of filling 30 lakh vacant posts in various government departments by August 15. In a video message, the Congress MP made an appeal to the youth of the country in which he said that in the next 4-5 days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will try to divert attention as he has understood that the election is slipping from his hands.

Rahul Gandhi said in his message that he will not become the Prime Minister and he has now decided to divert your attention for 4-5 days. He will do some drama or the other. But your attention should not be distracted. Unemployment is a big issue. Narendra Modi had promised 2 crore jobs but it was a lie. He brought demonetization, wrong GST and served people like Adani. He said that we are coming with Bharati Bharosa. India Bloc will form the government on June 4 and the process of filling 30 lakh vacant posts will start by August 15. Jai Hind. Hello.

In his message, he countered Narendra Modi’s attack by mentioning Adani that Rahul Gandhi has stopped taking the names of Adani-Ambani. He said that for five years the princes of Congress kept repeating the same thing. But when the Rafale issue faded away, he started targeting five industrialists, especially Ambani and Adani. However, after the elections were announced, he stopped attacking them. I want to ask the land of Telangana that the prince should declare how much he has collected from Ambani-Adani. Has the money reached Congress quickly? What kind of deal was done that the abusing of Ambani-Adani stopped overnight?

While the Congress stressed that Rahul Gandhi never stopped talking about Adani-Ambani, Rahul Gandhi asked whether PM Modi knew about the ‘tempo load of money’ from his personal experience. Gandhi said, “Modi ji, are you a little scared? Normally you talk about Adani and Ambani behind closed doors, but for the first time you have talked about Adani and Ambani in public. ”

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