Electricity consumption in the country increased by 11 percent to 144.89 billion units in April: Ministry of Power

New Delhi . Electricity consumption in the country increased by about 11 percent on annual basis in April to 144.25 billion units. Electricity consumption has increased mainly due to increase in temperature. This information has been received from government data. Electricity consumption in April, 2023 was 130.08 billion units. The maximum demand for electricity in a day also increased to 224.18 GW in April, 2024 (one gigawatt equals 1,000 MW), whereas it was 215.88 GW in April, 2023. The Power Ministry has estimated the maximum demand for electricity during summer to be around 260 GW.

Experts said the increase in power consumption as well as demand was mainly due to rising temperatures and pick-up in industrial activity in sectors such as steel and power. He said that with the onset of summer, demand for electricity as well as consumption is expected to remain strong. The Power Ministry had estimated the electricity demand in the country to reach 229 GW during summer in 2023, but due to unseasonal rains it did not reach the estimated level in April-July.

However, supply reached a new high of 224.1 GW in June to meet peak demand. But in July it came down to 209.03 GW. The maximum demand reached 238.82 GW in August, 2023, while it was 243.27 GW in September, 222.16 GW in November, 213.79 GW in December, 2023, 223.51 GW in January, 2024 and 222.7 GW in February, 2024. was 2 gigawatt . Industry experts said widespread rainfall affected power consumption in March, April, May and June in 2023. He said that electricity consumption increased in August, September and October. The main reason for this was the increase in heat and increase in industrial activities before festivals.

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