Even in Gaza’s ‘safe zone’, people’s lives are at risk, there is food shortage and fear of Israeli attack

Khan Yunis (Gaza Strip). Even in the ‘safe zone’ declared by Israel in Gaza, the lives of people are in danger where there is a shortage of food and people are living in fear of Israeli attacks. The latest example of this is the attack by Israel on a residential building near a major hospital in Khan Yunis on Wednesday. Seven people were injured in an air strike near Nasser Hospital located in the western part of Khan Yunis city of Gaza. According to a map provided by the Israeli army, this city has been declared a ‘safe zone’ and Palestinians have been asked to take refuge in this area.

The United Nations estimates that about 250,000 Palestinians have been affected by the evacuation order issued by Israel earlier this week. Video taken by an Associated Press reporter of the aftermath of the airstrike near Nasser Hospital shows dust flying and people running around. Two young men are carrying a man who may have been injured in the attack. On Monday, displaced families from the eastern part of Khan Younis were facing another battle to find a place to hide.

Such people are looking for shelter in the crowded shelters built in the western parts and in open areas. Jalal Lafi, who was displaced from the city of Rafah in the south of Gaza, said, “We three people were sitting in a tent when everyone got scared seeing a cloud of dust. Suddenly the houses started bombing, one after the other, two missiles were attacked.”

A prominent Palestinian doctor, obeying military orders, left his home and moved with his family to the ‘safe zone’ declared by Israel, but on Tuesday, the doctor and eight members of his family were killed in an Israeli attack. Andrea De Domenico, head of the United Nations humanitarian office for the Palestinian territories, said that most Palestinians are moving either towards the coastal area Muwasi or the nearby city of Deir al-Balah. Huge tent camps can be seen everywhere in the city of Muwasi, although basic facilities are negligible in them. He said that delivering food to both these areas is also a “big challenge”. In such a situation, people are also facing the problem of food.

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