EVM is a thieving machine, make sure you vote for the right party: Farooq Abdullah

Srinagar. National Conference President Farooq Abdullah on Sunday asked the voters of Kashmir to be alert about the possibility of EVM manipulation while casting their votes for the Lok Sabha elections. Abdullah said, “It is important for all voters to know that EVM is a thieving machine. On voting day, you will go through an identification process and then your finger will be inked. When you go to the EVM booth, check the (LED) light on it.”

He said, “After casting the vote, a beep sound should come from the machine. If there is no light on the machine, you should come out and ask the (poll) staff about it.” The former chief minister was campaigning for party candidate Agha Ruhullah Mehdi, who is contesting from the Srinagar Lok Sabha seat. Voting on this seat will be held on May 13. Abdullah urged voters to ensure that the VVPAT slips have the same election symbol printed on them for which they voted.

“After casting your vote, a (VVPAT) slip will come,” he said. You should check whether the mark on the slip is the one you have voted for.” Abdullah urged party leaders to ensure that they appoint “intimately honest” people as polling agents for the elections. The National Conference president alleged that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are spreading communal fear for electoral gains.

He said, “He (Modi) is trying to scare Hindus by saying that if they have two houses, they (opposition) will snatch one and give it to Muslims. Then they scare the Hindu women by saying that their mangalsutra will be taken away and sold. The money received from the sale will be given to Muslims.” He said, “They (BJP) do not know that no one is well-wisher of Muslims. It is God who gives or withholds food.” Abdullah said that the current election is not for development but to save the country. He said, “Today the fight is not about roads and electricity. The fight is to save the country. Because if the country is saved then we will also be safe.

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