Father was committing heinous crimes with his daughter since she was 10 years old, High Court sentenced him to 101 years of imprisonment

What is sin, extreme sin and great sin? Ravana kidnapped Sita, this is extreme sin. It can be atoned for. But, he kidnapped a woman in the guise of a sadhu, this is a great sin and according to Shiv Parvati dialogue, there is no forgiveness for it. This is a crime of breaking the trust. When the society or the family, whom the society trusts blindly, takes undue advantage of this trust and lays hands on a daughter-in-law or daughter, then the punishment is the harshest of all. A special fast track court in Kerala’s Mallapuram has sentenced Mohammed H to 101 years in jail and life imprisonment under various provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (POCSO Act), Indian Penal Code (IPC), and Juvenile Justice Act (JJ Act) for raping his minor daughter. Last week, the court, while sentencing the 43-year-old man, expressed concern over the lifelong impact of the crime on the girl. The judge said that the accused, being the father of the minor, is bound to protect her and has committed a heinous crime with her. This started from her childhood and continued till she became pregnant at the age of 16. This cannot be linked to normal sexual crimes. Though the accused comes from an educationally and economically backward family, he deserves no mercy.

The man started sexually abusing his daughter when she was 10 years old and when she turned 12, he subjected her to severe sexual assault by raping her when her mother was sleeping or not at home. When she was 16, the girl became pregnant, following which her father took her to a hospital. Examination at the hospital revealed that she was three months pregnant. Although the man told his daughter not to tell anyone about this, the police recorded her statement at the hospital. She was then taken to a children’s home in Manjeri. The minor victim gave her statement before a magistrate and evidence was presented before the judge. DNA samples were submitted along with the foetus, which confirmed that Mohammed H. was the biological father of the foetus.

The statement of the minor victim’s mother also accused her father and grandfather of facilitating her pregnancy. Other family members testified against the accused. The defence argued that the victim was living in an orphanage where she studied and came home only occasionally. They argued that the father himself took the girl to the hospital after she complained of symptoms. Additionally, the defence said that the victim had accused her grandfather of sexual assault and that she had eloped with a boy against whom a POCSO case was registered, which suggests that the timing of her pregnancy coincided with her elopement. However, the girl said that she eloped due to constant abuse at home. The court, while passing the verdict, said that such acts on the part of parents towards a child who trusts the parents, especially when the girl considers her father as her protector, are having a huge impact on her entire future life. The impact of such crimes on the overall society must also be considered.

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