‘First day, worst show’, JP Nadda hits back at Rahul Gandhi, says the speech was full of lies and Hindu hatred

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday protested both inside and outside Parliament following Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi’s controversial statement. Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Gandhi accused members of the ruling BJP of not being true Hindus and claimed that they promote division and violence. BJP President JP Nadda has hit back at Rahul Gandhi over this. JP Nadda said that day one, worst performance! Lies + hatred towards Hindus = Rahul Gandhi in Parliament.

Nadda said the third-time failed LoP has the ability to make agitated, flawed arguments. His speech today has shown that he neither understands the mandate of 2024 (his third consecutive defeat) nor does he have any humility. He said Rahul Gandhi should immediately apologise for calling all Hindus violent. This is the same person who was telling foreign diplomats that Hindus are terrorists. This internal hatred towards Hindus must stop. He said the Leader of Opposition is now a five-time MP but he has not learnt parliamentary decorum and has no understanding of civility.

The BJP president said he repeatedly lowers the level of the conversation. His statements to the Chair today were very bad. He apologises to the Chair for making unsubstantiated aspersions on his integrity and personality. He said the Leader of Opposition blatantly lied on many matters, including those related to our hardworking farmers and valiant armed forces. He was duly fact-checked by Union ministers for his false claims on MSP and Agniveer. He will not spare even our farmers and security forces for his cheap politics.

He said the discussion on the President’s speech is about healthy debate. The opposition, despite its false victorious image, has remained destructive and not constructive. In the last 60 years, no opposition has ever been rejected 3 times in a row. The way they are going, they will break their own record in the coming times. BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad said he (Rahul Gandhi) has become the leader of the opposition for the first time, he should speak respectfully but what did he say. Can he make such statements about the faith of another religion in the House?

BJP MP Naveen Jindal said that I believe whenever we make a comment we should be careful about how we use our words, how we use our language, so what he said was definitely objectionable… BJP believes in taking everyone along. BJP MP Ravi Kishan said that it was very unfortunate… He was throwing and picking up the image of Lord Shiva on and off his table. It was unfortunate that he was using God in his debate. His speech reflected immaturity and it seemed as if he came to the House just to provoke… This building has a history of hosting decent leaders who speak with respect, but today all that was compromised.

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