For Mohammad Rizwan, Islam is more important than the country, he said- Pakistan does not matter…

In the recently concluded T20 World Cup 2024, the Pakistan team was eliminated in the league stage itself. Babar Azam’s team’s performance was extremely disappointing. The Pakistani team could not perform as expected in their very first match and lost to the USA in the super over. After this, they had to face defeat against India as well.

The team was criticized a lot by former Pakistani players. Wicketkeeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan says that the criticism of the team is justified. Talking to the media, he said that the criticism of the team is justified and we deserve it too. Because we did not perform as expected.

But in the midst of all this, Rizwan said something that became a topic of discussion. Rizwan said that there will be disappointment, we are also disappointed. Our community will also be disappointed with us, because the way there were expectations from us, because now when the expectations are more, the pain is also more. This is our community which respects us and also tolerates us. We can understand that whatever is being said to us, we deserve it.

Rizwan continued by saying that it is not that all people are saying wrong. Because our results tell whether our community loves us or tolerates us. I personally thank the community because when we returned to Pakistan, we came to know that our community still loves us like before.

In response to a question, Rizwan said that I understand that every person is a brand ambassador of two things. He is a champion, first he is of Islam, when he is a champion of Islam, Pakistan does not matter to him. Wherever he goes in the world, he represents Islam. If he is a Muslim then… Secondly, he is a brand ambassador of Pakistan. When it comes below that (after Islam), it does not matter to him which province he is from. He is from Pakistan. We do not care about what people say.

Rizwan further said that we are disappointed with our performance in the T20 World Cup. There are many reasons behind our defeat. When a team loses, no one can say that its bowling and batting are going well. Operation is a normal thing, when a person is ill, then operation is necessary. The PCB chairman is a hardworking person, it is the chairman’s right to decide who will be in the team and who will not.

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