Foreign Ministry’s strong reaction on the allegations of religious discrimination against India, know what it said

On the US State Department’s 2023 Religious Freedom Report on India, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said that we have noted the release of its report on international religious freedom for 2023 by the US State Department. As before, this report is deeply biased, lacks an understanding of India’s social fabric, and is clearly driven by votebank considerations and a prescriptive view of issues. This extends to the portrayal of our constitutional provisions and duly enacted laws. In some cases, the validity of laws and regulations is questioned, as is the right of legislatures to enact them. This report is also inappropriate to challenge the integrity of some legal decisions given by Indian courts. It has even more stringent laws and regulations and it would certainly not suggest such solutions for itself. Respect for human rights and diversity has been a legitimate topic of discussion between India and the United States.

In 2023, India has officially raised several cases in the US on hate crimes, racial attacks on Indian citizens and other minorities, vandalism and targeting of places of worship, violence and abuse by law enforcement officials, as well as political space, as well as by advocates of extremism and terrorism abroad. However, such conversations should not become a license for foreign interference in other politics.

On the Indian worker Satnam Singh who died in northern Italy, the MEA spokesperson said that his employer, who was supposed to provide him medical care, has been arrested and investigations are ongoing. We condemn such behaviour. We call for humane treatment of workers. We are providing all possible assistance to his family. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said that the Indian delegation to the SCO will be led by the Foreign Minister. This SCO summit is to be held between July 3 and 4. So the Foreign Minister will lead our delegation there.

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