France elections: Modi’s friend Macron suffered a setback in the first round of elections, far-right party won a landslide victory

Exit polls showed Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Rally (RN) party has taken a historic lead in the first round of France’s parliamentary election. But the final result will depend on the days ahead before voting next week. Exit polls by Ipsos, Ifop, OpinionWay and Elabe showed the RN was seen winning around 34% of the vote, a major blow to President Emmanuel Macron who called a snap election after the RN suffered defeat in the European Parliament.

RN’s share of total vote

The RN’s share of the vote was well ahead of left-wing and centrist rivals, including Macron’s Together alliance, whose bloc was seen winning 20.5%-23%. Exit polls showed the New Popular Front (NFP) was projected to win around 29% of the vote. The exit polls were in line with opinion polls before the election, and Le Pen’s supporters rejoiced. However, they provided little clarity on whether the anti-immigrant, eurosceptic RN would be able to form a government to cooperate with the pro-EU Macron after the run-off. The RN, long a pariah to many in France, is now closer to power than ever before.

According to the election result forecast, the ‘National Rally’ is likely to win the parliamentary elections. There are 4.95 crore registered voters in the country who will elect 577 members of the National Assembly, the influential lower house of the French Parliament. More than 59 percent of the voters exercised their franchise three hours before the voting closed. This is 20 percent more than the first round of voting in 2022.

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