G-Pay vs Google Wallet: Which is the better digital payment service for you in India?

The need for digital transactions has increased in modern life, and the use of various e-wallets is very important in this. Google Wallet is a tool through which you can easily carry out various transactions and payment tasks through your mobile device. But do Indian users have the facility to download Google Wallet? And is it different from G-Pay? Let us get a deeper information on this topic.

What is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet is a digital payment service provided by Google. This tool lets you simplify various online and offline transaction tasks. It acts as an e-wallet, which you can use through your smartphone. You can link it with your credit card, debit card or net banking and use it to make online purchases, send money to other users and pay for various services.

Is Google Wallet available in India?

An important question arises here – is Google Wallet available in India? It is sad that Google Wallet feature is not available in India. Google has incorporated most of its functions in other tools, such as Google Pay (G-Pay).

Difference between G-Pay and Google Wallet: G-Pay and Google Wallet both are digital payment services provided by Google but they are different.

Work: The primary purpose of Google Wallet was to securely send shoppers their credit or debit card information to make payments. While Google Pay is specifically designed for digital payments, wherein you can directly connect your bank accounts and perform various payment functions, such as bill payments, online shopping, etc.

facilities: With Google Wallet you could only make payments, while Google Pay offers you even more features, like checking your account balance, viewing transaction history, etc.

Ultimately, both Google Wallet and Google Pay are digital payment services from Google, but there is a slight difference between them. Google Wallet is not available in India, but G-Pay is very popular in India and is easy to use. As a result, the program is now available for download in India. Therefore, using Google Pay for digital payments in India is a convenient option. According to Google, its current focus in India is entirely on Google Pay to make digital payments fast and secure.

– Animesh Sharma

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