Good news for WhatsApp users: Now upload your photos and videos in HD

WhatsApp has recently released a new and excellent feature for its users, through which users can now set the upload quality of their media files to HD (High Definition). Before knowing more about this new feature, we need to understand what this feature is and how its use is beneficial for us.

What does HD media upload quality mean?

When we send a photo, video or audio through WhatsApp, its quality is already set. However, earlier users only had the option to send their media in standard or medium quality. This meant that by reducing the quality of the sent files, their size was also reduced. But now WhatsApp has taken a big step by changing this. Now users have got the facility to send their media files in HD i.e. high quality as well. This means that now users can share their photographs, videos and audio with others in their original quality.

Why is this feature special?

1. Greater consciousness and professionalism: The HD media upload quality feature helps users to send their files in good quality. This is especially important for business users who need to share their creative files in good quality.

2. More options: Users now have more options to choose their preferred quality. They can now send their files in Standard, Medium or HD quality as they see fit.

3. Improved sharing features: With this feature, users can now share their files in a more consistent manner, saving them memory and time.

4. More depth: HD media uploads add more depth and detail to the files, providing a greater benefit to users viewing them.

How to use the latest feature?

– This new setting is easy to find. All you have to do is go to WhatsApp’s settings.

– You can then choose Storage and Data. There are two new ‘Media Upload Quality’ settings available.

– The first is Standard Quality (SD), which lets you deliver media faster with smaller file sizes.

– If you choose HD quality, you will be able to send your photos or videos in HD resolution. However, it takes longer and the files are much larger.

– The update is being made publicly available, so you may already have it.

– Animesh Sharma

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