Government got big benefit from online gaming industry, GST collection increased 5 times

The craze among people regarding gaming is continuously increasing in the country. Gaming was once considered just a hobby, but now many gamers have started making good money from it. Gaming is no longer just a means of entertainment. Many people are now adopting it as an attractive career option. Women are also not lagging behind in this, the government is also benefiting a lot from this. GST from online gaming has reached Rs 3,470 crore in the October-December 2023 quarter, which is five times more than the Rs 605 crore collected in the previous quarter.

Recently, HP’s Gaming Landscape Study 2023 presented a report, in which a survey was conducted on 3000 gamers from 15 cities. In which it was found that 58 percent women are spending up to 12 hours every week on gaming. Whereas for men this figure is 74 percent. 54 percent of women in North India are now doing serious gaming. Whereas in Western India the percentage of women doing so is 74. The survey also revealed the opinions of parents regarding gaming. Many parents are confused about adopting gaming as a permanent career option. On the other hand, many parents believe that gaming can be a good source of earning.

Let us tell you that 52 percent of gamers from North India said that they want to participate in e-sports competitions. This is proof that society has now started considering gaming as not just entertainment but also a good way to make a career. One of the biggest examples of this is the meetup by PM Modi with the big gaming influencers of the country. 53 percent of parents in North India are confused about whether gaming can be a sustainable career option. Also, 47 percent of the parents surveyed believe that gaming can be a good source of income.

government’s source of income

Actually, we tell you about how the government earns from this. So suppose you deposit Rs 100 online to play, then you will be charged 28 percent GST. If you win Rs 200 by betting Rs 100 and you do not withdraw this money and do gaming again, then you will not be charged 28 percent GST again. Approximately 40 crore people of the country enjoy online gaming. This industry is growing rapidly all over the world, the gaming industry is expected to reach Rs 41 thousand crore by the next year i.e. 2025.

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