Graduation ceremony canceled due to Gaza protests, Columbia University takes decision

Columbia University on Monday canceled its university-wide graduation ceremony in favor of smaller, school-based events following the pro-Palestine protests that have rocked the university campus. According to news agency Reuters, the graduation ceremony scheduled for May 15 has been canceled due to pro-Palestinian protests. “We have decided to make our class days and school-level ceremonies the centerpiece of our commencement activities, where students can meet in person with their peers, rather than the university-wide ceremony scheduled for May 15,” Columbia University said in a statement. Is awarded.

The university said it had consulted with student leaders to decide how to handle the graduation. Most of the ceremonies, which were scheduled to take place on the Morningside Heights campus, where most of the protests have taken place, will be moved to the university’s main athletic complex. Pro-Palestinian protests have been going on for days at Columbia University, and similar demonstrations have begun at dozens of other universities across the US. The protesters, for their part, are demanding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, an end to US military aid to Israel, and university divestment from companies that profit from Israel’s incursions.

Earlier this week, New York police arrested several people on charges of theft and trespassing, including at least 30 students, alumni and Columbia employees, in a protest that drew widespread attention. It is noteworthy that Hamas had led a cross-border attack on October 7 last year, in which about 1,200 people were killed and 250 others were taken hostage.

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