Gujarat News. Maulvi was plotting to murder BJP leaders, police arrested him, important information received from WhatsApp

Police have arrested a 27-year-old man in Surat, Gujarat. This person has been accused of allegedly conspiring to murder BJP leaders and a leader of a right-wing organization. The accused has been identified as Maulvi Sohail Abubakr Timol, who worked as a manager in a thread factory. Apart from this, he also gave private tuition on Islam to Muslim children. State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi’s statement has also come out on this matter. He has said that the strictest action will be taken against the accused.

Senior Surat police officer Anupam Singh Gehlot said, ‘Accused Maulvi Sohail Abubakr Timol, along with his handlers from Pakistan and Nepal, threatened the editor-in-chief of a Hindi TV news channel, BJP’s Telangana MLA Raja Singh and former party spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Had given. Let us tell you, the police had received a secret information that a person was adding people on WhatsApp group. This person is posting material on this WhatsApp group that hurts religious sentiments and incites communal violence during elections. Based on this secret information, the police took action and arrested Timol.

The police officer said, ‘Timol’s mobile chats revealed that he was conspiring with people of Pakistan and Nepal to give a contract of Rs 1 crore and buy weapons from Pakistan to kill his first target, Hindu Sanatan Sangh national president Upadesh Rana. Was creating. After custody, we found several incriminating materials in his mobile phone, including an offer of Rs 1 crore for the murder of Upadesh Rana. For this he was in constant touch with persons/numbers from Pakistan and Nepal.

Gehlot further said, ‘Photos and other details found on their phone numbers show that they (accused and associates) were planning to target Suresh Chavhanke, editor-in-chief of a Hindi TV news channel, political leader Nupur Sharma and Hyderabad MLA Raja Singh. And were discussing a safe app about bullying. For this purpose they were planning to collect money and buy weapons.

Reacting to the arrest of Muslim Maulvi, State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi said, ‘This Maulana was plotting the murder of BJP leaders and three Hindu leaders. They were in touch with their handlers in Pakistan through WhatsApp. Weapons were being brought and a betel nut worth Rs. 1 crore, Congress should stop defending such Maulanas for the sake of votes. He was trying to instigate the youth. He was teaching anti-national activities in the madrasa. Congress can do whatever it wants, we will not leave such Maulanas. We will take the strictest action.

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