Hardeep Nijjar Killing | Canadian Sikh MP Jagmeet Sing claims Indian government hired killers to kill Nijjar

Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh has alleged that the Indian government is behind the murder of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar as police have arrested three Indians in connection with the murder. However, Canadian police have not provided any evidence linking the three accused to the Indian government. Jagmeet Singh of the New Democratic Party of Canada claimed that the Indian government had hired assassins to kill Nijjar in Surrey in 2023, an incident that sparked a diplomatic standoff with India.

He said, “The Indian government hired assassins to murder a Canadian citizen at a place of worship on Canadian soil. 3 arrests were made today.” Jagmeet Singh tweeted, “Any Indian agents or state actors who ordered, planned or carried out this murder must be exposed and prosecuted with the full force of Canadian law. Canada, democracy and freedom of expression.” There should be justice for Hardeep Singh Nijjar.”

Who are the three Indians arrested in the Hardeep Nijjar case?

On Friday, three Indians, alleged members of the ‘Hit Squad’, were arrested in Edmonton, Alberta and charged with first-degree murder. At a press conference, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) identified the three men as 28-year-old Karanpreet Singh, 22-year-old Kamalpreet Singh and 22-year-old Karan Brar.

RCMP Superintendent Mandeep Mukar said the suspects were identified a few months ago and were being closely monitored.

Police said all the suspects were Indian citizens and temporary residents of Canada. Police said the trio allegedly played different roles as shooter, driver and spy on the day Nijjar was murdered. Officials are also investigating whether he has links with the Indian government.

RCMP Assistant Commissioner David Teboul said, “Separate and specific investigations are underway into these matters, which are certainly not limited to the involvement of those arrested today and these efforts also include investigating connections to the Government of India.” Is.” The Indian government has not yet commented on the arrests.

Who was Hardeep Nijjar?

Khalistani separatist Hardeep Nijjar was shot dead outside a gurudwara in Surrey on June 18, 2023. Months later, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed “agents of the Indian government” for conspiracy in the shootings.The Indian government has called the claim “absurd” and has asked Canada to withdraw more than 40 of its diplomats from the country – citing the number of Indian diplomats in Canada to be equal to that in Canada. India also stopped issuing visas to Canadian citizens, but later resumed it in a phased manner.

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