Hey aunty, Congress has got 0 seats in 13 states, PM Modi attacks Congress in the style of Sholay

PM Modi has attacked Congress while speaking on the President’s address in Lok Sabha. He targeted Congress by mentioning stories. During this, the Prime Minister also mentioned the film Sholay. PM Modi said that the statements of Congress leaders have surpassed even the film ‘Sholay’. There was an aunty in it… We have lost for the third time, but aunty is a moral victory. Aunty has got 0 seats in 13 states, but he is a hero. The party has been ruined, but the party is still breathing.

In 16 states where Congress fought alone, its vote share has fallen. In three states, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, Congress fought on its own and won only 2 out of 64 seats. This clearly means that in this election, Congress has become completely parasitic and has increased its number of seats by climbing on the shoulders of its allies. If Congress had not eaten the votes of its allies, it would have been very difficult for them to win so many seats in the Lok Sabha. Wherever there was a direct fight between BJP and Congress, where Congress was the major party, the strike rate of Congress is only 26 percent. But in such states where it walked holding someone’s pallu, its strike rate is 50 percent. Out of the 99 seats of Congress, most of the seats were won by its allies and that is why I am saying that this is a parasitic Congress. Now the Congress party will be known as a parasitic Congress from 2024. The Congress that exists from 2024 is a parasitic Congress and a parasite is one that eats the body it lives in. The Congress also eats the votes of the party with which it forms an alliance and flourishes at the expense of its ally. I am saying this on the basis of facts.

Our only goal is – Nation First. Our every policy, every decision and every action has had only one scale – India First. In the world’s largest election campaign, the people of the country have given us the opportunity to serve the country for the third time. This in itself is a very important and proud event for the democratic world. The people of the country have given this mandate after testing us on every criterion. The public has seen our track record of 10 years. The public has seen that we have worked with dedication for the welfare of the poor, fulfilling the mantra of ‘Jan Seva Hi Prabhu Seva’.

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